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Looking to pick up all of the materials necessary to run a Design Sprint? We've put together ther perfect shopping list to make your Amazon order easy. 🛒

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Get everything you need to run a Design Sprint…

Yep, we’ve used everything on this list. Sure, you can run a Design Sprint without these things…but do you really want to?



The Original Sprint Book

If the original is the best, then this is the book that’s got it going on. Written by Jake Knapp and the rest of the GV (Google Ventures) team, this book outlines day-by-day and hour-by-hour what should happen during a Sprint. Even if you’re looking to hire us (or any other outside facilitator) to help run your Sprint, reading this book is a great way to familiarize yourself with the process.

Get your copy here.



The Other Sprint Book

This is the other Design Sprint book. Written by a diverse team from a variety of companies, this book offers a different take on the exercises that make up a Design Sprint. Once you’re familiar with the “typical” process, this is a great read to help broaden your horizons and expand on the exercises described in the book above.

Get your copy here.



The Time Timer

Keeping your Design Sprint team on track throughout Sprint week is absolutely key to running a successful and productive Sprint. There’s no better tool available for maintaining time for each exercise in a visible but unobtrusive manner than the Time Timer. Available in variety of sizes from travel to big enough to see across the room, we highly recommend one for your Sprint (and in each of your meeting rooms).

Get the travel-sized Time Timer here.

Get the BIG Time Timer here.



White boards, white boards, white boards!

You can’t have enough white boards. Seriously. Given the choice, we’d paint the walls (and probably the ceiling too) in white board paint. But since that isn’t always an option, there are a couple of more temporary white board solutions to help you get through your Sprint. The Post-it variations are “semi-temporary” and come in a variety of sizes, while the Magic Whiteboard is a roll of static-cling pieces that comes perforated for easy deployment.

Get the Post-it variety here.

Get the Magic Whiteboard here.



Black White Board Markers

There’s nothing more infuriating than hurriedly trying to scribble a poignant thought only to find that you’ve grabbed a dead marker. Avoid the problem entirely by starting your Sprint with a baker’s dozen of fresh, black white board markers hot out of the box. The tips won’t be destroyed and you’ll know for certain that they’ll last you the week.

Get your black white board markers here.



Colorful White Board Markers

Sometimes you really need to drive home your point. Or highlight a section of your Sprint map. Or just make it pretty. Spruce up your Sprint week with a few colorful markers for those times when black just won’t cut it.

Get your colorful white board markers here.



White Board Erasers

What goes on the white board eventually must come down. Be sure to have a couple of erasers on hand to clean up mistakes and ensure that you’re ready to rethink and redraw when necessary.

Get your white board erasers here.



White Board Cleaning Spray

If you’re not deploying clean and pristine white boards, make sure you have some juice on hand to clean off the build-up of dry eraser scum that’s inevitably plaguing your tired white boards. A quick spritz and some elbow grease will help set the tone of “starting fresh” on Monday morning and keep things sparkly throughout your Sprint week.

Get your white board cleaning spray here.



Fine Point Sharpie Markers

Nothing drives home a How Might We… note quite like a fresh, black sharpie. Have a couple of boxes on hand so they’re always within reach and your note-taking will surely go as smoothly as possible. Beware, these will walk away of their own accord.

Get your skinny-but-not-too-skinny Sharpie markers here.



Ultra Fine Point Sharpie Markers

Once you get to your final sketches, you’ll want to ink your ideas for posterity. But you’ll also want them to fit on your 3x5 sticky notes. Enter the Ultra Fine Point Sharpie marker. One box of these and your Sprint sketches will have gallery-worthy uniformity with all of the detail you could possibly desire.

Get your toothpick-skinny Sharpie Markers here.



Plain White Paper (8.5x11 or A4)

Paper planes. World-changing idea sketches. They’ve all got to be made from something. Be sure to have a ream of plain white boring paper on hand so that your Sprint team can make it unboring throughout the week.

Get some ready-to-be-unboring paper here.



3x5 Post-it Notes

You can never have enough Post-it notes during a Sprint. These larger versions are perfect for your 3-frame sketches, but also make excellent How Might We… note holders for the more verbose members of your team. Buy more than you think you’ll need.

Get your 3x5 Post-it Notes here.



3x3 (Standard Size) Extra Sticky Post-it Notes

Let us repeat. You can never, ever, have enough Post-it notes during a Design Sprint. Ever. If you think you’ll need one pack of these… buy two. Think you’ll need two packs? Buy four. Seriously, there is no such thing as “enough” when it comes to Post-it notes. (Besides, it’s not like they’ll go to waste after a Sprint, right?)

Get your Regular-sized Post-it Notes here.



Post-it Easel Pads

Yep, we’re on a Post-it note roll here. These easel pads aren’t on the “official” list of things you’ll need for a Sprint, but we’ve found that they’re invaluable for documenting key questions and information that begins life on a white board, but eventually needs to be erased to clear up space. Scribble (and rearticulate) those notes and ideas on a giant sticky note and then slap it on a wall somewhere so everyone can keep it top-of-mind throughout the remainder of your Sprint.

Get your enormous Post-it Notes here.



Large Dot Stickers (3/4”)

Supervotes aren’t super unless they’re stuck on a wall with a nice, big dot sticker. The color is up to you, but be sure to put the super in your team’s votes with a roll of large dot stickers like these. If you’re feeling adventurous, grab 2 colors (one for the team, and one for your Decider).

Get your large dot stickers here.



Small Dot Stickers (1/4”)

Heatmaps are hot. But if they cover too much of the vital information on your How Might We… notes or your painstakingly drawn sketches, you’ve got a problem. Be sure to have a roll of small dot stickers on hand (in a different color from both your Post-it notes and your large dot stickers, ideally) to make heatmap voting a breeze.

Get your small dot stickers here.



Masking Tape

While definitely not a must-have, it’s not a terrible idea to keep a roll of Masking tape on hand for taping sketches to the wall. Sure, you could borrow a few of your large dot stickers for that duty, but we speak from experience when we warn that those just might take a bit of wallpaper off the wall when you pull them down (sorry WeWork!).

Get your nice-to-have roll of masking tape here.



Thin Dry Erase Markers

Add some detail to your documentation and whiteboard sessions with some thin, colorful dry erase markers. Perfect for wireframing and storyboarding your solutions to ensure the team is on the same page.

Get your thin, colorful dry erase markers here.



Pens. Simple, straightforward…pens.

While not exactly on the “official” list of Sprint materials, we lean toward the Boy Scout rule on this one: better to have and not need, than need and not have. Grab an extra box of simple black pens to ensure no one is scrambling for a note-taking device.

Get your pens here.


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